The concrete portal framed building was originally made by a company called  Atcost

Originally the  factory was about 10,000 sq/feet.

The idea of the conversion was to divide the building into smaller multi-purpose units that could be rented out to small businesses in the Wokingham area.

The original concrete portal framed building had 10 bays. One bay was taken down to allow for a larger car park at one end of the building.

With still limited parking at one end of the building each unit had newly constructed  fronts recessed to allow a car or van to park outside and act as a loading bay.

Two offices for the owners were made at one end bay with undercroft parking.

The original brick two storey office at the road side was refurbished and the busy sandwich shop "Millars Fillers" that was started when the
factory was in the main building has been kept.

After conversion each unit is about 1000 sq/feet. Currently these fall below business rates.

Atcost concrete steel reinforced  buildings with asbestos roofs  were very popular in the 1970's and many are still around today.

Some of the concrete portal frames are farm buildings and some industrial. Most of these buildings are still structurally sound and can be converted to other uses.

The typical Atcost concrete framed building often had asbestos on the roof. The asbestos needs to be removed by a specialist licensed company.

The company we used for the asbestos removal was CPH Site Services

Asbestos roof and plasterboard liner was replaced with with Kingspan KS1000.  Also installed was Kingspan Daylight  roof lights.

The concrete gutter on these buildings is always a problem (leaking and overflowing) and the new kingspan roof was designed to go over the gutter.

 A larger gutter can then be added, leaving the concrete gutter in place but hidden.

Irvin brothers ltd  is looking to do more conversions of concrete portal  framed building so if you have

one suitable or need help converting one please get in touch with James or Paul Wight